Significant Cloud Value Not Realized In The Enterprise Network

Just in case you miss it, this press release is right on. It’s a new independent consulting study made by Forrester, on behalf of XO and Juniper. It talks about the value enterprises are missing when deploying their cloud-based services strategies.

Many organizations are not realizing the full potential value on these cloud-based services because the network is not been accounted for. This factor is significant.

Here, for example, is an analysis we made taking input from a sampling of real network data relative to their cloud strategies:

Enterprise Opportunity Sample v2

This is telling us that the average enterprise is leaving around one million dollars a year in value on the table as they deploy their cloud strategies. That’s a noteworthy amount when we look upon the universe of enterprises consolidating and moving their applications into their clouds. I am very happy to see more and more visibility been brought to your attention.


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