Connecting MetaPort to your Service Provider(s) is simple, just follow these steps…

Step 1

Go to the MetaPort Control Panel and Login.

Login Now

Step 2

After you login into the MetaPort Control Panel, go to My Service Providers tab.

To activate your first Service Provider click on the Add New button.

Step 3

You will now have a menu to select which Service Provider you would like to connect to. Just select your option.

If you do not see yours, there is a request form at the bottom of the page.

Step 4

After selecting the Service Provider, enter your user ID and password for the respective Service Provider web portal.

If you are adding your Mobile devices, please check Mobility box.

You have finished the process. You are done. That’s it!

If you need to add another Service Provider, just click Add Another. Otherwise, just click Finish.

At this point, your connectivity request will be processing. My Service Providers tab maintains a status view of the process and will automatically update accordingly.

If any technical issue arise with your set up process, a MetaPort® specialist will contact you.  Otherwise, you will be notified when your network visualization is ready.