Network Operations

In IT, we are asked more and more to contribute to advancing the objectives of the core business. This requires a regular study of new technologies and strategies for implementation in order to improve the business. Planning and engineering occupy a large portion of the IT Manager’s time. However, the operations and maintenance of the IT Network never stops. Incident management, day-to-day additions or changes, and routine maintenance work all needs to be carried out and always seems to take longer than we’d like.

“MetaPort does analytics and mapping too, and is used on a regular basis by my staff to optimize and manage our voice, data and IP network. It’s cloud-based and always updated, so it helps our network operations team know where we are with the network, all the details and its costs at any given time. Very powerful.”

Tim Ramsay – Information Security Officer and Associate Vice President at University of Miami


How do you effectively manage changes in your network? What do you have right now? How do different strategies look before they are realized? How do I respond to my internal customers about details of their own infrastructure? And most importantly, how can I get the details I need at the time that is most urgently needed (when the network is down)?

Transforming the way we work

With MetaPort® you can capture all of your network details in an amazingly short time frame (…sometimes mere hours, but typically in a couple of days, regardless of the type of network or structure that you have). The network discovery process is extremely easy. You can find details of how you do this at Connecting Service Providers to MetaPort.

Once you have discovered your network, you will now get a comprehensive view of what you have, where it is, and how much each component of your network is costing you. To give you an idea of the details at your fingertips, or to explore and help you work through your transformation strategy, take our Tour or See Features. For more details, schedule your own MetaPort Demo, only 10 minutes with an expert to see it all.



MetaPort also produces a transformational business case for you. This business case gives you an idea of how your transformational IP strategies could affect your network, and most importantly, the financial impact on the new design and architecture in comparison to your current network. It takes no time for you. Two cases are provided: Voice TDM-to-SIP and Data TDM-to-Ethernet/IP. For more details on this feature, schedule your own MetaPort Demo.

MetaPort Business Case

For more details on this feature, schedule your own MetaPort Demo, only 10 minutes with an expert to see it all and  answer all your questions.