Cloud transformation and what my IT Network has to do with it?

Moving to the cloud has been pushed to enterprise as an effective and dynamic technology strategy. Growth server flexibility, higher survivability and lower power consumption are among the traditional advantages advertised when moving to the cloud.  So, what does my IT Network has to do with it?

Well, as we get busy planning for our cloud transformation, we often forget, until the last moment, that our core network will undergo a significant transformation. Flows of packets will now be centralized rather than distributed, and so our new network architecture could change completely.  This transformation is tremendously powerful and convenient for the overall project effectiveness and success. If you want to take full advantage of your cloud & data center centralization strategy, these elements in your domain will help you to validate and maximize the value of cloud transformation strategy.

Talking to customers, it seems that, from a Layer 3 and down the stack perspective, we tend to forget tons of network added benefit from the cloud transformation strategy

Andres Aguirre – Founder & CEO


How do you define your transformational path effectively? How do I you not only clarify what your needs are in the data center centric architecture, but what is that you have currently? How is it going to look? And most powerfully, what is the economic impact of the change?

Transforming the way we work

With MetaPort® you can capture all of your network details in an amazingly short time frame (…sometimes mere hours, but typically in a couple of days, regardless of the type of network or structure that you have). The network discovery process is extremely easy. You can find details of how you do this at Connecting Service Providers to MetaPort.

Once you have discovered your network, you will now get a comprehensive view of what you have, where it is, and how much each component of your network is costing you. To give you an idea of the details at your fingertips, or to explore and help you work through your transformation strategy, take our Tour or See Features. For more details, schedule your own MetaPort Demo, only 10 minutes with an expert who will be able to answer all your questions.



MetaPort also produces a transformational business case automatically. This business case gives you an idea of how your transformational strategies could affect your network, and most importantly, the financial impact on the new design and architecture in comparison to your current network.


For more details, schedule your own MetaPort Demo, only 10 minutes with an expert to see it all.