Can I See Your Latest Network Diagram?

At the very beginning of our customer development process, we were looking at design patterns around the enterprise network. I still remember those first meetings with customers. Those days we were positioning ourselves as “networking gurus’ consultants.” We all came from the Service Provider’s space building networks all over the world, and so we were supposed to “know it all” (past, current and future!).

Well, a typical first meeting will begin with the CIO or VP or Director in IT telling us that everything was perfect. We will typically hear for about 30 minutes, and sometime a lot more, all the magnificent architecture, design, flexibility and reliability they have built into their network. All was flawless, no need to touch it at all. There was nothing we could add to them.

At many times, I thought, “we are just wasting our time guys, no one in the enterprise needs our expertise”. They all know what they are doing, they have picture-perfect networks, and we have no opportunity. Let’s move on…

However, one day, I pop the following question, which changed everything;

Can I see your latest network diagram?

With extremely few exceptions and I am saying very very few, no one ever had a diagram to support any of the statements they have made about their networks. Nope. Nada.

The most protective customers will attempt to send us an “updated” version within a couple of weeks because the current version was not updated and then made no sense on sharing… which means, the poor network manager will be sleeping at the office for the next couple of weeks, or they will just say, we don’t have one.

So, how do you know the real facts about your network then?

Once we got a hold of the entire network information and visualized it, not an easy task, it was a fantastic way to verify if the CIO’s strategies were actually fully in place, it was a terrific way to collaborate with the enterprise, together finding various areas of opportunities to develop, improve and, most important, to align with all the other CIO’s strategies in the enterprise.





Since then, we figured it out, and patented, a way to build a network diagram with all the necessary details, at the front, remarkably quickly and effortless for any enterprise, regardless of the technology or size of the network. This knowledge is what you have available at the core of MetaPort.  I hope you are or will love it, and create even greater value around it.

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